501 W. 8th Ave. Mesa, AZ

Industrial Fabrication and Maintenance Solutions


Established in 2016, Dauntless Industrial is a growing industrial fabrication and maintenance provider located in  Mesa, Arizona.  This company was founded with a clear vision in mind – to provide a new standard for the industrial fabrication project lifecycle.  The central element of this vision is creating a safe environment for our customers, their assets, and our employees.  To achieve this, we leverage the most advanced technologies available to the industry, cutting down delivery times while reducing the potential for human error.

Our Process


We identify the problem and gather extremely accurate environmental data using a LiDAR Scanner to prepare for the design process.


Using the resulting point cloud, a 3D model of the the solution is designed, and displayed to the customer in place using augmented reality.


Using the model, the solution is then fabricated in our state of the art fabrication facilities, eliminating the need for dangerous onsite hot work.


Once fabrication is complete, we provide full installation and testing of the delivered product.

Our Services

We are proud members of the Mesa Chamber of Commerce. 

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